May 2, 2009

Review: Vibram FiveFingers KSOs

I'm not a professional writer nor am I a professional photographer. This is my first shoe review. I wanted to share my thoughts on the VFF KSO after a year of owning them.

My first pair of KSOs when I first bought them

My first pair of KSOs are W38 grey/palm upper, grey bottom . When I first put them on, they were tight around my foot and hard to get on. They've stretched/conformed to the size of my foot and are easy to slide on and off. It took some getting used to placing my toes in each of the toe pockets properly but now my toes slide into the right place every time.

I still find the KSOs weightless on my feet and still occasionally forget that they're on my feet (usually until someone mentions them, which still happens almost every day). They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own.

The strap shows almost no wear. There are some bits of material in the Velcro after a year but it still works perfectly with or without toe socks on. There is plenty of room for toe socks in them and they don't affect the fit much other than the strap has to be a little looser than normal.

These particular shoes have been soaked through with mud and yet they will still come perfectly clean in the washing machine. I think they still look new even after a year.

My first pair of KSOs after a year

After wearing them everyday for a week without socks (when they were my only pair of VFFs), they did hold in the smell. I sprayed some Oxy cleaner (has hydrogen peroxide in it) on them, let them sit for half an hour, washed them in the washing machine and found that they didn't smell after that.

When I first bought them I was concerned about how long the sole would last as it is so thin. The only part of the sole that shows wear on my KSOs are on the toes, the ridges have been ground down. There are no bare/ground down areas anywhere else on the shoes that I can tell.

Bottom of original KSOs after a year

Toe bottoms on original KSOs after a year

The KSO is my favourite style of VFFs. I bought a pair of black KSOs to be a little less conspicuous and people seem to comment about them less.

Black KSOs

Between the Classics, Flows, and Surges, I find the KSOs are the most comfortable on my toes and most versatile for moderate weather (Canadian spring, summer, and fall weather that is). My next pair will be the blue/grey upper, camo bottom and I can't wait to get them.

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