May 25, 2009

Completely Barefoot Attempt #2

This weekend it was over 20C again so I thought I'd try going completely barefoot again. This time, on sidewalk, not grass. It went...better.

I stepped out my front door and discovered how cold concrete can be in 20C in the shade. It was cool. I actually felt the coolness of the concrete, which I've never felt before.

Then I stepped onto concrete that was in the sun. It was totally different. Warm. It's amazing the temperature changes of the ground we never feel while wearing shoes.

Off I went down my driveway. I thought I'd have trouble with the hard concrete and asphalt of the road at the end of the driveway but my feet had no problems with the hard surface. It was easy to walk on the flat surfaces.

I didn't feel like I had as bad of pansy feet, either. It didn't hurt at all to walk completely barefoot down the road or down the sidewalk. I found that my stride was very similar to when I walk in VFFs. I might have stepped a little lighter on my feet (in unconscious concern of my pansy feet).

I do remember feeling very conspicuous not wearing any shoes. How odd that I feel more conspicuous in public wearing nothing on my feet compared to wearing VFFs.

Another thing I remember is having to stop every few metres to wipe my feet on my pant leg to remove the small pebbles that had lodged themselves in my flesh. It didn't hurt, it was just annoying. I wonder how you keep that from happening? Tougher feet?

Completely barefoot attempt #2 was far more successful and enjoyable than #1. Now, to solve the rocks-stuck-on-bottom-of-foot problem...