May 9, 2009

Memorable Comments while Barefooting

I get a lot of strange questions/comments and strange looks from people when I'm outside in my VFFs. I thought I'd share a few (and my usual response):

1) Are those things comfortable? (Of course, why would I wear them otherwise?)
2) Does it hurt when you step on rocks? (Not usually, although sharp gravel isn't that much fun)
3) Are those socks or shoes? (Shoes. I wear toe socks inside of them)
4) Why are you wearing those instead of regular shoes? (Regular shoes hurt my feet, legs, and back)
5) Are those good for your feet? (They're awesome for your feet, they're like walking barefoot, the way we were built to walk)
6) Do you run in those? (Of course)
7) I could never wear those because of.... (insert any one of numerous excuses here without being prompted for any explanation) (I generally raise my eyebrows and say nothing to this because I prefer to talk to the open-minded when approached by strangers)
8) What's supporting your arch? (My foot)
9) (While walking at university campus through puddles) OMG! LOOK, someone's footprints are bare!!! (My personal favourite)
10) Where do you buy 'em? (My second favourite :) )