May 12, 2009

Reasons people have said they could never barefoot

Number 7 of my last post (Memorable Comments while Barefooting) reminds me of many of the reasons people have said they could never barefoot or never wear VFFs. I thought I'd share some of them and what my response was (or wish had been):

1) My plantar fasciitis is so bad - I had plantar fasciitis for 4 years before I switched to barefoot shoes, and now it's completely healed. My arches are stronger than they ever were because I wear barefoot shoes.
2) I have so many foot problems that I need my orthotics and supportive shoes - I know that my feet have gotten much stronger since switching to barefoot shoes. Without supportive shoes, your own muscles and ligaments support your foot and gain strength and flexibility.
3) I'd be afraid of stepping on something sharp and cutting the bottom of my foot - I've found that my neuromuscular pathways and biomechanics have improved; if I walk on something sharp, my foot automatically removes pressure from the object, without thinking about it. I also wear the VFFs to keep from getting cut, the thin rubber sole allows for significant sensory perception while still being protective enough to not get cut.
4) I wouldn't want to step on something gross with my bare foot - Me neither, that's why I wear barefoot shoes.
5) There's stuff between your toes! - Only in the VFFS. If you were truly barefoot there would be nothing between your toes. There are also barefoot alternatives that don't have anything between your toes (eg, Vivo Barefoot and Feelmax).
6) I could never sacrifice my fashionable shoes - You got me there. I'm one to choose function over fashion, but I know that's not for everyone.

That's all the reasons people have said they could never barefoot or wear barefoot shoes that I can think of for now. When more come to me (or people tell me new ones), I'll write more.