May 21, 2009

Review - Vibram FiveFingers Classic

I don't have much to write about the VFF Classic that has not been included in two already posted reviews of these barefoot alternative shoes by Living Barefoot and They are both thorough and enjoyable reviews.

I have two pairs of Classics: the mauve/sand upper, grey bottom and the black on black.

I find them to be my favourite VFFs for walking around town if I want a shoe for warmer weather, like sandals. They are incredibly easy to slip on, have never fallen off my feet, and I love the look of them. I love the look of them so much that I have been known to wear the all black pair while wearing a cocktail dress to a New Year's Eve party as well as a beach party in the middle of winter (in a heated tent).

These were the shoes that I competed my second sprint triathlon in and found them to be a wonderful transition as well as running shoe (although I recommend Vaseline on your toes if you're going to run a reasonable distance).

I find the Classics slightly less comfortable than my KSOs for longer durations of wear because the toes are a little tighter, which helps them stay on, but makes them less comfortable at the same time.

I have recently discovered a modification that makes the upper more comfortable for me too: I removed the elastic cord. I found that I didn't need to tighten it at all for the shoe to stay on my foot, and it could dig on the top of my foot when worn for a long time, so I cut it out. I've worm both of my pairs of Classics like this and enjoy them even more than before.

I don't find that the high back on the achilles tendon is irritating in any way, which is what I thought I'd find when first seeing them.

They are comfortable enough that I have forgotten that I'm wearing them, until someone sees them and stares or asks a question about them, which happens about every second time I wear them in public. Now that it is finally getting warmer here, I'll be wearing the Classics a lot more often.