May 31, 2009

Completely Barefoot Attempt #3

Yesterday's completely barefoot sidewalk excursion went better than the last one...feeling wise anyway.

I started out in my VFF Classics, but after 20 minutes, decided to take them off. I think because I started out in VFFs and switched to barefoot, I realized that I do step differently between the two. I noticed that my step starts with my heel in the VFFs and rolls forward, whereas while completely barefoot, I step more on the middle of my foot with barely any heel involvement at all. I always thought that I walk with a very barefoot gait in the VFFs, apparently not.

Either I didn't notice little rocks sticking to the bottom of my feet this time, or it didn't bother me. I only stopped one or twice to wipe the bottom of my feet on my pant legs.

I felt less conspicuous this time than last time, even though I was carrying my VFFs in my hand.

Two things I look forward to with the coming summer with regards to going barefoot:
  1. The end of poplar-sticky season (they are not fun stuck on the bottom of one's feet).
  2. The end of lawn fertilizer season (I don't even want to know what chemicals were absorbed through the bottom of my feet from stepping on little fertilizer bits).
I'm definitely going to keep trying going completely barefoot, especially now that I realized my gait really is different between barefoot and barefoot alternative.