June 27, 2010


I have finally decided that I am a runner. I have changed programs recently. I'm doing the 'Listen to Your Body' program, which I learned from Dr. Lieberman at the Barefoot Running Clinic in Boston. I've been trying it for probably two months now.

I run with no tech: no heart rate monitor or GPS. It's been working great and very freeing. I run when I want to or feel like running, I walk when my heart rate gets too high or my legs/feet need a break, I walk up hills if I feel like it, I occasionally sprint up hills if I feel like it. I've been making super progress too. I've been running longer and stronger. I think my progress has improving much faster than it ever was when I ran a more regimented program (like 4 minutes running, 30 seconds walking times however many intervals I thought I could do). My body tells me when I need to slow down or speed up, when my legs are tired, when my arches need more recovery. I'm learning to listen to the big messages and even the more subtle ones. So now, I AM a runner.

I also recently returned from Vancouver, B.C. where I had a short vacation(thanks Susi). I walked and ran A LOT on the trails of North Vancouver. It was fantastic! I spent almost every minute of the trip in my new Vivo Barefoot EVOs, which I absolutely adore (the long review of those will be up on Living Barefoot soon and I'll post a link when it goes up). I took some pics while on one of my walks. This is Lynn Canyon. Enjoy!