February 15, 2011

STEM Footwear Sneak Peek

I had the opportunity to see (and take pictures of) the coming-soon-to-the-minimalist-market STEM Footwear Primal Origins shoes. To say that I'm REALLY EXCITED for these shoes to become available would be an understatement. I've tried A LOT of minimalist footwear and these are definitely worth waiting for. They are super light, extremely comfortable, immensely lightweight, and phenomenally flexible.

For the full Sneak Peek and a plethora of pictures, check out: http://www.livingbarefoot.info/2011/02/stem-footwear-sneak-peek/

When Andrew Rademacher, the co-founder of STEM Footwear, says that they tried to provide a solution to something that's currently missing in the minimalist shoe industry, he's telling the truth... and I think they succeeded.

I can't wait for August.

February 12, 2011

Long Review - VFF TrekSport

My VFF TrekSport review just went online on Living Barefoot.

Here's the link:

I am really surprised at how much I've worn these shoes since I got them. Usually I don't wear VFFs that much in the winter because they aren't that warm in cold temperatures. It hasn't been an overly warm winter, I just really like the TrekSports. :) They are really comfortable and have excellent grip on snow. I even went walking on a frozen lake with them!

I like the TrekSport more than the Treks because the TrekSport upper fits my feet better.

The TrekSport has come out in really cool colours for this season, too. I know at least one person who's REALLY excited for the pink and black ones.

Barefoot Runners Society is Back

The BRS went offline for a few weeks for upgrading but it is now back online to the public. I really do enjoy reading the Gear & Footwear Forum (go figure :) ) and am so glad that it's back.

If you have not checked out the BRS before, now's a great time!

February 3, 2011

Living Barefoot Show Interviews VIVOBAREFOOT

The latest episode of the Living Barefoot Show was just posted. Al and I interviewed Terra Plana employees Sabra Ellingson (US Operations Director), Amy Schrader (Director of US Wholesale), and Michelle Hinsvark (US Marketing Executive). I've corresponded with each of them for a while now and it was so great to speak to them and ask them questions about the future directions of VIVOBAREFOOT.

Here's the link: http://www.livingbarefoot.info/2011/02/living-barefoot-show-episode-27-interview-vivobarefoot-2011/