August 30, 2009

Long Review - Vivo Barefoot Lucy

The long review that I wrote for the Vivo Barefoot Lucy shoes for theLiving Barefoot website has just been posted. You can check it out at Living Barefoot Review - Vivo Barefoot Lucy Shoes.

This was my first attempt at an in-depth shoe review. I learned some things from writing this one that I can use for writing subsequent reviews. Hopefully, I'll have the opportunity to write many more.

August 21, 2009

New 'Born to Run' Website

Christopher McDougall and Barefoot Ted have launched the official 'Born to Run' website. You can check it out at It's preliminary at the moment but I can't wait for the whole site to come online.

There's also a new article/interview with Christopher McDougall talking about the book and barefoot running. It's called 'Do fancy running shoes do more harm than good?'

August 16, 2009

Barefoot Guy Spotted in my Neighbourhood!

I was walking my dogs yesterday through my neighbourhood when I spotted a definite first for me: a guy walking with NO SHOES on (who wasn't my spouse). It was amazing!

My thoughts at this marvelous site included:

1) Does this guy often go barefoot in Cochrane?
2) Has this guy seen me and my spouse walking around the neighbourhood without shoes on and wanted to try it?
3) Did this guy read the article about me and Al in the local paper and think it would be cool to try barefooting?
4) Did this guy simply forget his shoes?
5) Is the barefoot revolution gaining more momentum?

I don't know the answers to these questions but I'm going to keep hoping that the barefoot revolution is gaining more ground.

August 14, 2009

Newly Impressed with Vivo Barefoot Lucy Shoes

Last night, I went for a walk (with my dogs) in the pouring rain on soaking wet grass while wearing my Vivo Barefoot Lucy shoes. I was amazed, and newly impressed with the shoes, that my socks were completely dry after. I thought for sure I was going to have soaking wet feet when I got home but that was not the case. The Lucy shoes are the only pair of minimalist footwear that I own at the moment that could remotely pass as being appropriate to wear in the rain (if your intention is not get soaked through). I am extremely pleased with the construction, and new role as 'rain wear', of my Lucy shoes.

August 13, 2009

Miscellaneous Updates

I thought I'd post some miscellaneous updates:

In case you've been wondering about my running progress, there hasn't been any... Yet. After my last running experiment, I did a bunch of travelling which turned out to be pretty hard on my back injury so I'm laying off the running for now and will probably try again in September. I am walking everyday (in minimalist footwear only) and started swimming a bit to try to gain back some core strength (in the hopes that running will be easier when I start that again).

I have a pair of Soft Star moccasins that I'm trying out to review for the Living Barefoot site. So far, they are very comfortable (although my spouse isn't very keen on the look of them).

Hopefully I'll get to try out some other barefoot alternative footwear for review as well. I'm hoping for some Sockwas and Feelmax shoes to try.

Al and I are working on the Living Barefoot Podcast Show Episode 4 and hope to have it released by the end of August.

That's all for now. I'll update more as it develops.

August 6, 2009

Short Review - Vivo Barefoot Lucy

I have finally finished writing my full-length shoe review of the Vivo Barefoot Lucy for the Living Barefoot website. It will be posted in a few weeks there but I thought I'd write about them here too but in a shorter format. In short, I love my Lucy shoes!

I find the Lucy shoes incredibly comfortable to wear walking around. With socks on they feel a lot like slippers. I haven't worn them without socks on much because I don't want them to acquire any unseemly foot odours as these shoes cannot be thrown in the wash (just like conventional shoes).

With only a 3 mm puncture-resistant sole and no other support or cushioning, you can really feel the ground with them. The sole is not quite as flexible as the VFFs but that is probably due to their sturdy, full-shoe construction. My gait does not seem to be affected by the shoe and feels a lot like when I'm barefoot. You definitely cannot heel strike in these like you can in conventional, cushioned shoes: it would hurt too much. My back does not hurt when walking in them, either.

They are extremely lightweight, weighing in at 182 g or 6 3/8 ounces each shoe. You can barely feel them on your feet.

I LOVE the black leather with red accents. I think the Black Nappa Leather Lucy looks incredibly sharp for a barefoot alternative shoe, or a regular shoe for that matter.

They are really warm, too. I've worn them in cooler temperatures and in the rain and my feet have always been warm and dry. I plan on wearing them a lot come the cooler temperatures of fall because I can wear regular socks in them (as opposed to strictly toe socks).

In summary, I am thoroughly impressed with the Vivo Barefoot Lucy shoe. They are comfortable, light, warm, and completely inconspicuous as a barefoot alternative shoe. I would recommend the Lucy shoe for any casual outing or work environment. I also hope to try out other shoes in the Vivo Barefoot line as I am so encouraged by this model.

To purchase these shoes, visit the women's section of the Vivo Barefoot area of the Terra Plana website.