June 15, 2010

Barefoot/Minimalist Running Advice

Jason Robillard, the author of the Barefoot Running Book, recently asked me if I had any 'helpful tips' for barefoot/minimalist runners. My best tip is to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. It will tell you when you should slow down or when you're ready to speed up. It will tell you when you need to step lighter or when you can plow through some terrain. It will tell you when you are ready to increase your cadence or when you need to slow it down. It will tell you when you can go out and run again or when you need a little more time to recover from the last run. Learning to listen to your body is crucial in barefoot/minimalist running and experience will help in interpreting the messages.

That's my two cents. If you're interested in reading Jason's book, you can check out his blog where he has information on how to order it.