July 28, 2009

The Running Experiment Worked!

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about wanting to run. My theory was that maybe running would 'wake up' some nerves that have been slightly dysfunctional of late causing some muscle tone imbalances in my legs. I am extremely happy to report that my experiment worked!

I had a massage today by my genius massage therapist who's been working hard to get me all the way back to normal. He is, unfortunately, not a fan of running. I told him about my running experiment while he was working on the leg with the muscle imbalances and he said that my medial hamstring is working now whereas the last time he saw me, it was not. He grudgingly admitted that it might have been the running that woke up that particular nerve and made my muscle work again.

It might have been the running, it might not have been the running. Either way, I'll take the improvement! And keep running! For now I'll stick to short, less than a minute intervals and of course, only in my VFFs. (I'll work on completely barefoot running later.)