July 7, 2009

Camping in VFFs

This passed weekend, I was in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, for the Sinister 7. In short, it's a 146 km trail race divided into 7 legs, which can be run solo or in a relay team of between 2-7 people. I was supporting my spouse for the race, who successfully completed it solo (so proud!). It was a great weekend.

I spent the whole weekend in VFFs: KSOs and Flows. I can't imagine a more versatile camping shoe than the VFF. The KSOs were awesome during the day, with or without socks. In the morning they got soaking wet from the dew on the grass and after 2 hours of sitting in sun, they were completely dry. They were covered in wet dirt at one point and after they dried, they looked perfectly clean, and I didn't even rinse them off. They were most comfortable and I enjoyed feeling the gravel, grass, and concrete that I walked on most of the day.

At night, the Flows (with Injijis) were great and my feet were warm enough throughout the whole night. I was outside in transition from 2-4 AM and my toes were warm the whole time.

I even ventured a short run in my KSOs: across a baseball diamond. It was a very short run (considering the venue that I was at) but my first attempt at any type of running in 2 months (due to my current back issues). I felt light on my feet, landed on the balls of feet, and felt no pain with my steps. It was a good test for me to see where my back is at and I'm happy that it worked out for me.

I can't say enough good things about VFFs and if you ever need a pair of all-around great camping shoes, they certainly fit the bill.