July 13, 2009

I Want to Run!

I've decided to believe, and take to heart, a quote by Dr. Daniel Lieberman from Harvard University in Christopher McDougall's book 'Born to Run':
If there's a magic bullet to make human beings healthy, it's to run.

I'm tired of not running anymore. I still have some sensory and muscle tone issues related to my recently reinjured low back but I have some new thoughts regarding these: maybe running will make my nerves 'wake up'. Maybe it won't. But at the very least, I know that it will improve my mental state if not the nerve issues. If I wait around for all my nerve function to come back before I start running again, and it never does, that's too long of a wait for me.

So yesterday, I RAN.

It wasn't much. I ran for 1o whole seconds times 3 intervals. And that was enough for me. I didn't encounter any problems running but it is really hard to find good form if running for only 10 seconds. I did notice a huge smile on my face while I was running, though.

I ran on grass in a nearby soccer field, to try to reduce any jarring impacts. I decided it was too squishy for me and next time I'm going to try running on the path instead where the ground is more solid.

I ran in my favourite pair of VFF KSOs. They are truly the best pair of running shoes I have ever owned.

Next time, I'll try 15 whole seconds times 3 intervals and see how it goes. This is my 'off the couch' program. I've done it before but never quite this slowly. After my kind of injury, I have to start somewhere and slow is where it's going to have to be.