March 23, 2011

Barefoot Running Treadmill Review

After four months, from inception to delivery, my Barefoot Running Treadmill Review is online (the link is below).

I originally conceived of the idea of 'What is the best treadmill for barefoot running?' after speaking with Corrado Giambalvo about my lack of barefoot running in the winter months. He recommended checking out the WOODWAY Curve. He raved to me about the unique and innovative curve design that imposes a natural running style. Then I started thinking about the difference between running on a conventional, flat-decked treadmill in shoes versus barefoot. I searched online for reviews of treadmills for barefoot running and didn't find any. I then decided to undertake the challenge of finding out what is the best treadmill to run on barefoot and what are some considerations that need to be made.

I set out to find as many treadmill brands as I could and to run on each completely barefoot. I occasionally encountered skepticism from fitness store employees but, for the most part, I was pleasantly surprised at how inviting and enthusiastic people were about my idea and barefoot running in general. I will probably write more on the process and the people involved in bringing the treadmill review into being; there are so many to thank for helping me write this review. But until then, you can check out the full-length review at: