October 1, 2009

Still Running

I went for another run today. I figure that consistency will be key to getting my body back post-back injury.

Today was nine intervals of 30 seconds. I'm trying for one more interval every time I go out. It probably won't happen every day but it's good to have goals.

I realized this week that I still have bad pain days. Now that I'm running again (and swimming too) it's hard to not be able to do the exercise that I have plans (and hopes) of doing. I'm grateful for being able to run on the days I can and will have to settle for walking on days I can't (because walk I will regardless).

I also realized how incredibly weak my legs have become after not running for about eight months. My calves and feet have such a long way to go before they're even close to resembling the state they were in last fall. Hopefully slow, consistent, gradual building will get them there eventually. And did I mention pain-free?

My spouse and two dogs ran with me today. It was wonderful having company. Not that my runs are very long at the moment, but it was so much fun dodging jumpy dog obstacles. The moral support was also wonderful!

On to 5 whole minutes of running next time...