September 22, 2009

Officially Running Again

I didn't want to write anything about running until I thought I would be able to run consistently again. I think I'm finally there!

I ran last Thursday, Saturday, and today. I started with four 30-second intervals and added one more interval each time. I'm up to 3 minutes of running now. It's not much, but starting from scratch shouldn't be.

All my runs so far have been in my favourite pair of Vibram KSOs with no socks. When my runs are longer, or it gets colder, I'll have to wear socks again.

When the weather here turns more wintery, I'm going to try running on the indoor track completely barefoot. Hopefully I won't have to reduce my running time by switching from VFFs to completely barefoot if I do it on the smooth track.

My goal, as always, is to run pain-free. I'm doing that and hope to continue doing that throughout the fall and beyond.