September 15, 2009

Lethbridge, Alberta in Slippers

I spent this past weekend in Lethbridge, Alberta. It is a lovely city. The coulees are beautiful and extend through the whole city. Here's a picture for an idea of the terrain.

I spent the whole weekend wearing Mountain Equipment Co-op Rastro Thermostat Fleece Slippers. They have a fleece upper, a little bit of foam padding for a midsole, and a suede outsole. I wanted to wear a shoe with a minimal, soft, and flexible sole and these turned out to be perfect! I was really impressed with the durability and traction of the suede sole, too. After spending all weekend on hard-packed dirt, rocks, concrete and asphalt, there are no scuff marks in the suede at all.

My feet were warm (instead of hot) and not sweaty in 28-30 degrees Celsius weather. My feet had lots of room to move around inside the slippers and yet didn't slip around too much on the hills.

I used to think of these slippers as inside shoes when my house is cold in the winter but they turned out to be great outside shoes in dry weather, too.