October 2, 2009

Changed 'Barefoot Running' Category to 'Minimalist Running'

I have decided to change my recent posts about running from 'Barefoot Running' to 'Minimalist Running'. When I first started this blog, I chose not to make a distinction between running completely barefoot and running in minimalist footwear (eg, in VFFs). I changed my mind on that thought. So, unless I'm running completely barefoot, which is still the plan to start doing on the indoor track once it gets too slippery for me to run outdoors, anytime I'm wearing VFFs or any other type of minimalist footwear, my posts will be in the 'Minimalist Running' category.

Maybe I'm becoming more barefoot enlightened, maybe not. But now I think that there is a difference between running in barefoot alternative shoes and running completely barefoot. Now that I can run again, I can't wait to try it out completely barefoot. This is Alberta, it shouldn't take too much longer for ice and snow to come. ;)