July 20, 2010

Barefoot Breakthrough - Completely Barefoot Running

After my foray into barefooting in the rain today, I thought that it is finally time that I try completely barefoot running outside. I've run barefoot before on an indoor track so today was a first attempt at running outside sans shoes.

I started out with my Evo shoes and Injinji socks as I was going to do a trail run. I ran out and back on the trails with my shoes and socks on. When I finished the trail part and was back on the road home, I decided it was time to take off the shoes.

I ran on smooth black top asphalt through one of the near neighbourhoods. It was great! I didn't really feel much difference in my running form other than I probably step a little lighter. Cadence and speed were probably the same (for the end of a long run). I did feel the ground more though (obviously). The little rocks and cracks didn't bother me until I got to a section of 'sidewalk' that cars used to drive on. It was too rough for my new-to-barefoot-running tender feet so I walked this section. When I got back to concrete sidewalk, I ran again and didn't have any problems.

It was a great experience and I think I'll try more of it. Again, I was surprised that my feet were clean when I got home. Hopefully my soles toughen up a bit more so I can run on some slightly rougher terrain. And I really want to try barefoot trail running (because trails are my favourite).