June 17, 2009

New VFF Models!

Robert (allawayr) from the birthdayshoes.com forum made my day yesterday (more accurately, my whole week!) by posting pics of the new VFF models from a website in Germany. I think Vibram has outdone themselves with these two models and my hope is that they expand the barefoot alternative market even further.

The Vibram FiveFinger 'Glove'

The Glove looks like the most minimalist VFF yet! With no sole under the arch and between the joints of the toes, there is probably a lot more flexibility and minimalism than ever before. For people (myself included) who think the existing VFF models are 'cushy' after a while of going barefoot, the Glove will probably help with this when you can't go completely barefoot.

The Vibram FiveFinger 'Trek'

The Trek looks like the VFF answer to a trail shoe! After slipping in the mud running on trails last year, I can't wait for this shoe to become available. Also, if it's warmer than the Flow, maybe it's my answer to the perfect barefoot shoe?

The pictures are sourced from:

For the English translation of the German website, please visit:

Thanks Robert for sharing the news of the new discoveries. And thanks Justin for the edit on the Google translation.

Now all I need is patience to wait for them to come to North America!