January 10, 2011

Barefoot Running at the Track

Today was another barefoot running day at the track. On days like today, meaning cold and windy, I wish I had a barefoot-appropriate treadmill but that hasn't happened yet. So, I ran at the track today.

It started out like any barefoot run, waiting for my feet to warm up. I thought I'd run for half an hour because I haven't run much in the last few weeks. But then something interesting happened: I saw a woman running passed me in VIVOBAREFOOT Evos! I was really impressed with a) her running form b) her running speed and c) her running shoes! I smiled a great big smile.

Then I saw another guy running in Evos!

Then I saw yet another guy running in Evos!

Three people all running in Evos at my small-town track! I was amazed.

The next time the last guy I saw in Evos came around the track, he stopped to talk with me on his walk break. He asked me why I ran barefoot and I replied, "Because running in running shoes hurts my back and running barefoot does not." He then asked if I'd read Born to Run and I replied with something like, "I had it preordered before it came out." We chatted about his Evos for a bit and he said his wife and son were both running in them (the other two people on the track at the time). He said he got the Evos from his daughter for Christmas because she runs a store in Calgary that sells them. He said he thinks they're great and likes running in them. And then he was off running again.

A little while later, his wife was on a walk break so I talked to her for a bit. She also loves her Evos and finds running in them very comfortable. She told me all about their daughter's store and about their son (who was running with them on the track). And then she was off running again.

It was so great to meet a family of Evo runners! And that they were curious about my barefoot running.

The store in Calgary, which I'm really interested in now, is called Riva's Eco Store and sells not only shoes, but all kinds of non-toxic, environmentally friendly products. The owners "strive to provide products that are both healthy for the planet, and healthy to those that use them". If you're interested, here's the link: http://rivasecostore.com. I think I'll go visit the store one of these days on an upcoming trip into the city.

And my run turned out to be over 40 minutes long. It felt much shorter due to the engaging conversations. :)