April 29, 2010

Long Review - Invisible Shoe Huaraches

The long review of the Invisible Shoe Huaraches I received from Steven Sashen went online on the Living Barefoot website a few days ago (I just got back from vacation so could only post about it now).

You can check it out at: http://www.livingbarefoot.info/2010/04/review-of-the-famous-huarache-running-sandal/

Steven, Invisible Shoe's founder, said this about the review "It’s an incredible comprehensive review, with great pictures of the process of making your own huarache running sandals from our kit."

Thanks, Steven!

I really do enjoy these shoes, with or without socks (depending on the temperature). They are so comfortable to run in and I often forget that I have anything on my feet now when I wear them. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs a little extra protection for their bare soles but still want all the mobility of being barefoot.