March 13, 2010

VFF Performas = Perfect Tai Chi Shoes

I took up daily Tai Chi exercises again in an effort to help my injured low back and sore SI joints. I remember one of the issues I had with it before was a lack of traction. Tai Chi requires a lot of balance, strength, flexibility, and fluidity in addition to the occasional massive amount of weight on one leg at quite a distance from centre requiring VERY good traction.

I used to do Tai Chi barefoot but found that I didn't have enough traction to relax into some of the weight-bearing stretching exercises. Then I tried my Classics but found that there wasn't enough freedom of movement with my toes (I like a lot of toe wiggling while doing Tai Chi) and my toes are a little compressed in the Classics I have now.

This time around, I tried my Performas and they are PERFECT! They have just the right amount of traction on the carpet (where I will be stuck doing Tai Chi until the grass turns green here) and just the right amount of foot freedom. I am so happy that I have finally found the answer to this minimalist footwear dilemma. I can now relax into all my Tai Chi exercises without fear that my feet will slip or holding myself tense in an effort to keep a grip on the floor. Performas are turning out to be my favourite indoor minimalist footwear.