January 25, 2010

Beautifully Muscular Calves

My last run was 4 minutes running, 30 seconds walking times 5 intervals. So still a total of 20 minutes running time. I really thought that this wouldn't be a problem after my last 3 runs before that had all been 2 minutes running, 30 seconds walking. It seems that I may have overestimated the running potential in my calves. I know this because it has been SO hard to walk down stairs properly for the last 2 days because my calves are protesting so much. :)

My last run was completely barefoot at the track as well. Even though I have pansy feet, it is still more fun than wearing shoes (any kind of shoes). Did I just write that? It's just that there is SO much more biofeedback from your actual soles hitting the actual ground with no shoe buffer; even 2 mm of flexible shoe buffer.

The 'pansy feet' comment was inserted because I noticed there was 'something' (I have no idea what it was as I was on an indoor track) stuck to the bottom of my left big toe for a few steps. I have no idea how long it was actually there but after it became bothersome, I stopped and removed it, and kept running. When I got home, I noticed there was a wonderfully developed blister on the bottom of my left big toe and I KNOW it was from said 'something'. I guess I need to further develop a pachydermatous (I love that word) layer of skin on my soles.

Anyway, back to the 'beautifully muscular calves'; if nothing else, this is what barefoot running is going to give me. So I'll keep working on increasing my running time and decreasing my walking time and all the while developing killer calf muscles while I'm at it!