December 19, 2009

Run in Kuuvas

The other day, I went for a run in my Feelmax Kuuvas. It was above 0oC but the sidewalks had not been cleared yet so they were full of snow, slush,and ice. I didn't want to risk slipping or falling while wearing my absolutely-no-grip VFF Flows, so I wore my super grippy Kuuvas. It was fabulous.

I only laced them to the end of the lace holes and didn't tie them into the hooks. I didn't want the boot to be tight around my lower leg and this lacing seemed to work well for that. The boots did not feel too tight or too loose anywhere on my feet, ankles, or legs.

I was amazed at the grip I had on the slippery sidewalks. I could run at my normal pace (which admittedly is pretty slow) comfortably and with no fear of slipping.

Even though it was above 0oC, my feet were never too warm, either.

I think the Kuuvas are a great winter running option when it's not too cold and the terrain is slippery with snow and ice.